Some of the best books I have found have been at secondhand bookstores. You never know what you will find if you have the patience to leaf through thousands of titles. Many of my Friday nights have been spent at these bookstores. I’ll often find a quaint corner spot in which I pile books all around me. I liken this action to creating a fortress of peace. It’s impenetrable and I peruse the numerous titles at my leisure.

Recently, I found several books about a time in history that I have always found intriguing. The rise of the House of Tudor has always beguiled me as it is filled with politics, religion, lust, power, and betrayal. The show “The Tudors” ran for a number of years on Showtime and it depicted a portion of this time. MUCH more on this topic later!

Below you will find pictures of the two books I found for $4.95 a piece. They are stunning hard backs filled with black and white as well as color photos. History can get a little mundane so it is essential to engage the reader with ornate images and text.


One never knows what treasure one will find at the bookstore!


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