Memory Lane

I was sifting through some old boxes and stumbled upon dozens of books from my childhood. One set I found was “The Baby-Sitters Club”. I remember buying and reading all of the books the moment they were released at the store. These books provided just the right amount of mystery and intrigue for my young mind. It was a clever series because babysitting was something that my friends and I were engaged in at the time. This was before the time of Facebook and helicopter parenting. At eleven years old, our neighbors would trust us to watch over their children because the sense of community was a part of our daily lives. Everyone in the neighborhood knew one another and would report any mischief to the adults. There was no opportunity to keep a secret and it certainly helped that many members of the community were police officers. Those were also the days when as soon as we got home from school, we were running around outside playing tag or riding our bikes. There were no cell phones or internet to keep us indoors. Even though there are so many conveniences today it still feels like those days were simpler and even freer. Maybe it was because I was a child and I was blissfully ignorant of the world. My world was safe, soft and happy. Amazing how the cell phone, internet and other modern conveniences have bound us even more.


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