Book Thong?!

Sometimes I like to walk into Hallmark to look at all the overpriced fluff that they sell in addition to cards. It’s a great place to go if you need a last-minute gift for mom and in my case, my mom is super cheesy so an angel figurine will always bring a tear to her eye. I happened to find some really fun stationary (yes, I still use the postal service to send letters) and paper (yes, I still use paper to jot down notes). For your information, people REALLY enjoy receiving letters in the mail! I’m talking actual, heartfelt letters and not just bills. I even have a personalized self-inking stamp with my address on it. I’m actually pretty proud of that purchase. MOVING ON!

In the same aisle as the glorious writing utensils, I spotted the items below. They attracted me because of the messages and tokens attached to them. Upon further examination, I realized that these tiny packages were in fact bookmarks AND they were ON SALE! They were originally listed at $4.99 (insanely overpriced) but selling for seventy-five percent off retail. I ended up with one of each. Yep. Their zentastic marketing tactics worked on me but if they weren’t so cheap I would never have made the purchase. These bookmarks are made of a very thin string with a charm attached. A person could go to a craft store and buy similar items to create the exact same product.

I decided to use the Buddha bookmark for the Joyce Carol Oates book (My Heart Laid Bare) that I am currently reading. It turns out that the charm is too heavy, the string is too flimsy and it just slides right out of the book unless you put the loop of the string around the entire book. Maybe this is actually the correct way to use the bookmark?! GASP! It’s not a bad idea but it can cause damage to the spine of the book or unnaturally bend the pages of the book (not on my watch). I think I’m going to go back to my paper bookmarks and leave the “fancy” string (glorified book thong) for special occasions. Maybe I’ll just make necklaces out of all those charming charms.


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