Exhaustion, By My Own Device

I decided to stay up late (again) to read one of three books that I am currently involved in. I have an evening routine that I very much look forward to and it entails spraying the room with lavender, washing my face, brushing my teeth, lathering my body with aromatherapy lotions and coconut oil, playing meditation music and partaking in deep breathing techniques. All this is done to help ease my mind for precious slumber but it is also done so that I can spend the rest of the night reading in bed.

Mountains of pillows surround me as I pull the covers close up to my chin and descend into the lovely world that my book has opened for me. Sometimes I will use a book light, while other times I use an OttLite natural daylight illumination reading lamp. I’ve had many a table lamp for reading and this is by far the best for my eyes because it simulates the daylight. I actually have two (one for the office) because they are THAT good. Then, the real struggle begins! How long can I stay awake? Last night, I nodded off many times and eventually the hard back book fell from my hands and to the floor. It woke me in a flurry and it was at that point that I decided that it was time to stop struggling and just go to bed. No sooner had I placed the book on my nightstand that I passed out.

Today, I am struggling to stay awake in these early hours of work. For this reason, I should NOT work and ONLY read. Sound logic.


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