Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam is known in the West thanks to several scholars who translated his works. Khayyam was born on May 8, 1048 in Iran and was an extremely accomplished individual. He was a prodigy in math, astronomy, philosophy as well as poetry. “The Rubaiyat” is a collection of his poems. These poems were written in four line verses also known in Persian as “Ruba’i”.

I bought my first copy of “The Rubaiyat” at the age of fifteen from a tiny secondhand store I worked in. It was actually the only bookstore in the town that I grew up in and I never actually made any money there because every paycheck I received was used to buy books at the very same store. It was a magical time for me as I could spend hours looking at all sorts of books while getting paid! Win! This also allowed me to run into new titles and authors all the time. Positive exposure. I quickly figured out that I didn’t like certain genres like “romance” or “westerns”. I also learned that I loved the smell of old books. Yum!

Today, I have three or four copies of “The Rubaiyat” but none are as beautiful as the one pictured here. Printed in 1879 and in pristine condition. The artwork is astounding and the cover is intricately designed. I love that I have this beauty in my collection.


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