I’m Nerdy and I Know It

There is a monthly book sale at my local library. This is not including the daily book sale that they have in the foyer. The deals are unbeatable and you never know what you will find. I have had great success at book sales but this one has been particularly kind to me. I have stumbled upon titles that I have never heard of and that have turned out to be amazing reads.

This particular sale has a large following. The doors open at ten in the morning and I am always third or fourth in line. At first, I scoffed about the line but being highly competitive in nature, I found that I had to be among the first to enter. The early bird certainly does get the worm! I also learned that the people who bring huge bins are resellers. They buy the books at the sale for dirt cheap then sell them elsewhere for a profit. I try to respect the hustle but it does irk me when I am trying to quietly peruse and there are people around me heaving books by the armload into bins. One time, there was a loud argument between two competing groups. It was altogether uncouth, unrefined and threw me off my book hunting scent (at least for a moment).

Not only is it peculiar for me to see people competing for books but it is even stranger to see people arguing and nearly pushing people over so that they can scan the books with their phones (to determine their value) and ravenously shove them into their bins. Seriously, it’s like watching a bunch of greedy Gollums from “The Lord of the Rings” hording their “precious” books. Look, I’m not perfect and my book collection is “precious” but I’m not going to push over an eighty year old lady just to make a buck. No, sir! I have principles! If the old lady just happens to find that Kafka book before me, then I must tip my hat to her and admit defeat. But I digress…

Below are some pictures of the sale, some of my loot and my nifty teal rolling cart. QUITE convenient for those hardbacks that are too bulky to carry. Besides, I ripped two cloth bags last time due to the sheer weight of the books. Don’t hate me because I’m nerdy.



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