I’m not a smoker so people ask me why I have a jar full of fire. My response is simple, I enjoy incense and candles plus I am a fire sign, so I naturally have a thing for fire! Thus, I have a collection of lighters and matchbooks and matchboxes. I don’t often find matchboxes but I recently found a secondhand bookstore that had painted matchboxes with a vast array of book titles on them. It was clear that these prints were pasted on the matchboxes and that the artist had painted the boxes in gold to make them appear flush. I enjoyed the prints that were used and decided it was important to support local artists and businesses. Naturally, I gravitate towards anything literary so it was also a fabulous excuse to buy, buy, buy!

There’s also a website that I tend to use quite often for literary shirts (Out of Print) that had a pack of matchboxes. What I like about these is that they are more professionally made, and come with their very own home. They are below.

Finally, a lot of Etsy members have been creative in their literary money-making endeavors and as such, I found a Gatsby lighter. Heaven! I have yet to get tired of these clever products.



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