Clothe Thyself!

My profession only allows for me to wear conservative clothing to work. I don’t mind my button down shirts and heels but there are days when I just want to nerd it up. There aren’t many opportunities to discuss literature with coworkers and my cheesy book puns never seem to make anyone laugh. Case in point: There was a discussion about GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) and how our organization had to timely submit a GASB report. This acronym was thrown around for fifteen minutes and the whole time all I could think about was GATSBY not GASB (pronounced the same way minus the T). Chuckling, I inserted myself in the conversation and said, “Looks like this GASB report is very important. Enough to call it…The GREAT GASB”. My smile broadened and I let out a laugh as I searched the room for understanding. Not a single person smiled or understood my reference. Alas, my joke fell on deaf ears.

The other day, I decided to wear a fun blazer with black pants and one of my many literary shirts. This was another purchase from Out of Print Clothing. I might add that the quality of the products are magnificent. I own at least ten shirts and they are also super comfortable. No, I don’t work for the company but as much as I advertise them and buy their products, maybe I should!


Also, THIS!



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