Wonder Woman

Sometimes it is nice to unwind with a nice graphic novel or comic book. I read a lot of comic books in high school and even tried to collect them for a time. X-Men interested me because I loved the art and the plot lines. I adored Rogue and the Phoenix because of the super powers they possessed and had a secret crush on Gambit. I even tried to draw the characters but they looked like broken stick figures. Sadly, the artist gene skipped me.

I gave up on comic books for nearly a decade (there wasn’t a real reason just got too busy with school) but now my enthusiasm has come back full speed ahead. DC Comics decided to revamp their comics beginning in 2011 with “The New 52” and Wonder Woman was a part of it. Naturally, I am drawn to tenacious female characters even if they are only fiction. As a side note, I recognize that women are often drawn in an unrealistic manner in comic books. Their proportions are unnatural and I seriously doubt that those teeny tiny outfits are comfortable. Would you even be able to breathe in those tight leather corsets let alone be a part of a full-blown fight sequence? I don’t think so!

I recommend Wonder Woman to anyone who is interested in Greek mythology, women power or superheros in general. The New 52 revamp really hones in on the mythology that surrounds Wonder Woman’s origins. You’ll meet characters such as Hera, War, Artemis, Hermes, Hades, and Aphrodite. The authors of this series have a hip vision of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. This is just one of MANY artists that I follow. There will be a lot more to come on this topic.


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