“I Cannot Live Without Books”

After a busy day, I stopped by Barnes and Noble for a quick look at the bargain section. There were a lot of good choices but alas, I own most of them already! As I was getting ready to leave, I walked by a section where I saw an Edgar Allan Poe book. Initially, I kept walking because I have so many versions of the same stories but I stepped backwards because the art on the cover intrigued me. Yes, I do judge books by their covers (sometimes). It turned out that the book was actually a graphic novel and the art was exquisite.

A few months back, I attend a book fair where artist Gareth Hinds was discussing his graphic novels. He recently illustrated the book “Samurai Rising” by Pamela S. Turner. He has also adapted and illustrated such titles as “Macbeth”, “The Odyssey”, and “Beowulf”. He is very talented and down to earth. He revealed that he was working on his next book which would be a graphic novel based on Edgar Allan Poe’s works. Naturally, I was elated. The audience even got a sneak peek of some of the artwork that he had completed for the book! For this reason, today’s graphic novel find was fitting.

I also found the graphic novel rendition of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. I had to grab that as well but I can’t lie, I don’t like the art as much. Maybe it’s because of my love of Poe but there just seems to be more depth to the drawings in the Poe book. Judge for yourselves!




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