There are a lot of mythical creatures that are captivating but the dragon is my favorite. I have dragon gargoyles, bookends, a lamp, and various artwork throughout my home. My grandmother used to say that it was an evil omen to have dragons as they were actually a depiction of the devil. She never said it in a stern or mean way but more jokingly. I suppose she hoped that I would lay down my dragon love for fear of evil. Even now, she comes into my home and closely examines the dragons, smiles and shakes her head. I’m lucky to have an open-minded family despite our disagreements.

In some religions or belief systems the dragon is considered evil but there are a lot of cultures that find the dragon to be auspicious. There are so many artistic depictions of the majestic dragon. I prefer the European drawings because they are larger and less serpent like (if that makes any sense). I’m not a fan of snakes and the Chinese dragon reminds me of a snake.


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