I didn’t know what this book was about but the cover intrigued me. When I looked at the description, I recognized the name of the artist but had no knowledge about his life. Paul Gauguin was a controversial post-Impressionist artist. This book was a biography of his life and struggles. I had no idea how many talented artists lived at the same time and even knew one another. This was a very well written and easy to read biography of a man who was married for ten years, had five children and then left it all to pursue a life of art.  He lived in poverty, moving from place to place and his paintings were heavily influenced by his time in Martinique, Tahiti, and Panama. He had a tumultuous relationship with Van Gogh and it has been argued that Gauguin caused Van Gogh to ultimately commit suicide. It should be noted that Van Gogh suffered from mental illness for a long time before he ultimately killed himself but the way that he attached himself to Gauguin appeared unhealthy.

This is just an example of how we should be open to new books and information because they can turn out to be fantastic. I really enjoyed learning about Gauguin but also how he influenced his art as well as his interactions with other famous artists such as Pissaro and Degas.

Stay open and keep reading my friends!


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