Van Gogh in Perspective

What is with my current obsession with biographies? I am now reading a book about Van Gogh. Since I had a sliver of information about his life from the Gauguin book, I now have to learn more. I have always enjoyed Van Gogh’s art. There is something about the bright yellow that he includes in his pieces (funny because I’m not a fan of yellow) that seem to keep my attention. I also enjoy the choppy looking brushwork. What did the mind of this man look like? He was said to have a mental illness that plagued him for much of his life, which makes me wonder if this further altered his view of the world. “Starry Night” has been an inspiration to me and I have created art with it in mind. I would often paint at night when I couldn’t sleep. It was dark, lonely and quiet and all I had was my paint and canvas. I have zero painting talent but it was very therapeutic nonetheless.



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