The Magic of “Midnight in Paris”

One of my favorite movies is “Midnight in Paris” released in 2011 by Woody Allen. Although not a huge fan of Allen’s work, “Midnight in Paris” struck my philosophical side. I have now watched it dozens of times with numerous people and I find it amusing that each person has a different reaction. The story is about an American couple vacationing in Paris. The man (Gil) is a nostalgic writer from California while his fiance is a cynical realist. He longs to walk the streets of Paris in the rain in order to find inspiration as many authors and artists did in the past. One night he finds himself in the 1920’s speaking with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and many other famous artists. Gil’s “ideal” time is the 1920’s and he visits this time period several nights in a row. Meanwhile, his relationship with his fiance slips as the gaps in their relationship become more apparent.

Paris in the 20’s! Could you imagine? The end of the first world war, the lost generation, recovery, recklessness and depravity. For those who survived the war, life was fleeting. For those who could afford it, life was all about drinking and drugs. Numbing the pain but also using that fear to create masterpieces. F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of my favorite writers and I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a discussion with him and to catch a glimpse of his life. These are my literary idols. This movie is eccentric and speaks to people who are in love with reading, writing and history. Watch it if you haven’t yet!midnight.jpg


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