Exit West

What an engrossing novel! This is the first book by Mohsin Hamid that I have read and I finished it in one day. True, it’s only about 230 pages or so but I was mesmerized by his use of language. There were long, descriptive sentences and the story was blissfully enchanting even though the topic was one of war. The author took us through a war-torn country and the blossoming relationship of two young people. It showed how relationships morph, grow, fester and even dissolve through time and circumstance. One moment, everything is unique, fresh and new and the next that same gesture is annoying and mundane. The author really captured the conflict of the human soul. Who we are and what we enjoy does change in time and in circumstance. From a war zone to a beach to a city, we are shaped and time alters our perspective. Sometimes, even, we are or may appear to be happier when we are struggling for our lives. Captivating read and a total surprise to me! It was a book I received in one of my monthly subscriptions.

On to the next! “Norse Mythology” by Neil Gaiman. I have read about fifty pages so far and I cam invested. If you are a fan of mythology, then this book is for you. Gaiman never fails to deliver!


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